Sunday, 19 January 2014

TECH : Dk'tronics keyboard labels - part 2

Back in my previous blog post, I explained the process and gave a link to a set of labels you can download and print for replacing worn labels on a dk'tronics keyboard for the ZX Spectrum...

I have tweaked this document with appropriate colours for the symbols and extended mode keywords.  I also made a version with grey backgrounds that may be of use to those who can't get transparent label sheets (or if you have a different extension keyboard that you need labels for).

The download links for these are here.  Enjoy!

Note to those who grabbed the keyboard labels from my previous blog post that I've slightly updated the file to add in the colour labels for the numeric keys.  You may (or may not) want to re-download the file (the links also updated in that previous post).

Now in 3 different flavors...


  1. Thanks for sharing this, it is greatly appreciated by me and my keyboard :)

  2. Thanks Glen! I'm glad I could help...

  3. Hi Kevin, love what you did, and help out other Spectrum enthusiasts!
    Another DK'Tronics saved!
    (that is, when I'm finished :) )

  4. That's great to hear, and thanks René!

    Those were great keyboards... I managed to convince my mother to buy it for me, though I never told her the real reason was because I needed to play Manic Miner (due to the space key not working)... lol!

  5. They look good I will do mine later but it does not look like you have one for the space bar

  6. Ah, that is because there was no label on the space bar. I think I did spot 1 or 2 images online that appeared to have a stuck-on one, but a majority didn't (mine originally had printed key caps rather then labels).

    That said, it wouldn't be hard to create a small label for that. Maybe I'll do an update at some point with one added... Just have to find those Illustrator files... :)

  7. That would be great if you could as mine has a label on it and would like too put a new one on it

  8. I'll try - I backed up the original Illustrator files 'somewhere' thinking I'd done with the updates, but I'll dig about and see if I can find them at some stage.

  9. Hi there

    Appreciate this was posted a while ago, but any chance you can remember what brand / gsm of adhesive labels you used?

    I bought some 70 GSM labels and your PDF (thanks for that!) prints perfectly on it, but when I stick them to the keys, the curvature of the keys means that the labels don't stick properly.


  10. Hi Simon,

    Not exactly sure since it was a few years back, but it likely would have been 70gsm I'm sure. If I can find the old labels, I'll check.

    However I did have the exact same problem - I found by working the label down in the center and pushing the bubbles out to the edges it would stick without any real wrinkling... It took a few presses, but I got a good stick... They're still stuck on fine, though I've not used it very much (its been in storage again as there's almost no room here at home to keep it any where - plus I need to try and fix an upper ram problem, and haven't had time... :( )