Tuesday, 16 July 2013

ZX Spectrum lives on - part 2 of the work in progress

After just posting up my work earlier today here, I'm now back with an update for the evening.  This time around I've added some detailing under the model (only about 15 minutes to drill and bevel/extend a pile of insets) - and I've also finished the keyboard texture maps.

Yep...  I'd say the modeling is now safely done and out of the way - but we're not done just yet...

Wireframes - both inside and out

Looks easy-peasy!

The keyboard texture maps were actually a little trickier to extract from my photo's.  The original photo's had glares and highlights, and parts of the keyboard are worn away a lot which makes things harder to extract (such as the red symbols on the rubber keys themselves).

...and now with pretty rainbow colours...

A little magic in Photoshop's levels tool does wonders however...  I managed to extract the details I needed and hence now have the base texture maps ready an done.

Built like a new one

The way I constructed this model was as though I was making the real thing.  Casing, rubber keys, keyboard cover and PCB.  It looks the part...

It comes in kitset form.

A quick render was in order

I threw on an Area light, adjusted its angle and pressed the render button.  I have to say without anything more then some colour textures and a bit of specularity, the models already starting to look pretty nice.

Quick test render using one area light

I'll post up real renders in future posts (as in proper scenes, not just a quick 'test' as above) but as typical superhero's always say, "I think my work here is done"


  1. looks awesome,will you release the files / do a paid for download thingy at some point!?

  2. Yes indeed... For anybody wanting the model, I have placed it up for download with textures on my Google drive. Note that this is a LightWave 3D model. Enjoy.