Wednesday, 18 December 2013

And even more free scripts... Ho! Ho! Ho!

If you've already seen the previous post, you'll have likely downloaded and looked at the collection of scripts I uploaded.  Here is a second zipped archive of more of them, along with the source for a handful of C plugins I also developed some years back (199x era)

Note that I'm releasing these as a free learning resource.  I'd like to think that anybody who downloads them will share updates or modifications back to the community.  All I ask is that you don't abuse this gesture by releasing 'similiar' tools based on things you picked up from the scripts here without credit or community sharing...

Its also important to note that quite a few of these scripts are old (pre-LW9 era stuff) and some may not work - some may be partially functional in newer versions of LightWave (or work - you'll just have to test).

Download the second collection of scripts here (725kb)

So, what do I get for the bandwidth I spend - this time around?

In case you're curious just what is in the Zipped scripts collection, then here's a quick summary of this second collection.  A lot of these were developed to speed up production work in a studio - and some I've not tested (I'm just hoping that all these scripts did originally work... lol!)

Maskmorphcopy 102
This is an update to a previous version - this add's an "ignore prefix" option that
prevented duplicate morphs being generated (ie. Left_face, Right_face becoming Left_Left_face, etc)
Reverse Renumber
An old tool that renumbers a sequence in reverse. (so frame one becomes the last, and the last becomes the first).  Not tested this one in a while, but I recall it did what it needed to at the time.
Tool to incrementally generate selection sets for 'parts'.  Select a poly, run the script
(map to a KB shortcut).  Will select the connected polys (ie. for a part such as a brick, etc),
create a selection set vmap, then hide the geo.  Each time this is run, a count is incremented
so that each selection set vmap is unique.  Why?  From memory it was to allow the use of FX Hardlinks "Point Set" option so that parts would be treated as such.
An experiment based on previous InSelectionSet - attempts to automatically go through all parts in a mesh and apply unique Selection Sets without the manual process of the previous.
Replace Object / Object with layer
These two from memory were designed to mass replace selected items with other object files/layers. I seem to recall it was related to doing a mass FXLink copy of a mesh, then finding a fast way to select a few of them and replace them with alternate versions quickly...
Set Curves with Clamp
This one is somewhere up on the NewTek forum from memory (Character animation type of thread I think)...  Its a one-stop shop for mass swapping out curve types without having to do it manually in the graph editor.  The clamping automatically sets the tension to 1 for identical key values (ie. keys that are supposed to 'hold' a value in place, such as a foot in a walk cycle).  Speeds up switching to and from stepped for those character animators that like to block out poses...
Record Pivot Rotation Multi
A quick script to go through a selection of items (preferably bones) and do a RecPivRot - was originally a way to speed-set up a collection of bones that had their bank handles tweaked on the skelegons (which often doesn't update when they're converted to bones - the record pivot updates them to match the bank handle)
This is a version of the Layer tool clear_gaps that works for LW 10.1+
Select and Parent
This was a quicky script that does what Maya does - Select child(-ren), select the item to parent to - then just do it without needing to go to motion options or the scene editor.  Just remap to a keyboard shortcut.
C Plugins
A collection of old plugins written in C for LW5.x - Source code for Intel, Alpha, etc is there... In case anybody is curious.  HUD overlays, Translucency shading, Video lines, image processing, etc...
Hide and Unhide
Just switches the visibility of an object.  Simple.
Sel Save and Load motions
A quick way to mass load and save the motions of items.  Looks for .mot files with the same name as the object itself.
Shadowcatcher setup
A super quick way to set up a scene and make an object a shadow catcher - sets all the necessary flags.
Does what it says - adds a random amount of rotation/translation to selected items.
Save All Incremental
A layout incremental saver for objects (taken from a modeler one I did). There's a few small niggles - one is that the script still indicates at the top of the code its for modeler, and that its called "Save All Incremental".  Its just a simple "Save incremental" script that fixes a flaw with the one that originally shipped with LightWave (which has since been fixed anyway)
Test Exp
A quick snippet of LScript to show how to create an expression.
IF_Tab loader, extractor and compiler
A set of tools developed to allow custom GUI tab groups to be saved and imported.  Handy for sharing favorite custom tabs with friends.

So - a few more to toy with.  I'm sure there are even more - some I can't find source for (only the .lsc) but I'll keep uploading what I can find.  Enjoy - again...

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