Saturday, 29 November 2014

100 Days - Game Over...

Well, the 100 days challenge finished back in October, and I must say it does feel like a big weight has been lifted.  The live exhibition has been - compiled a small handful (around 9) slides of work for their projector (there was a limit to the physical space - a slide show was the next best thing).

It was a great event held at local art gallery Thievery studio back in October, loaded with visitors and some really amazing and varied work from many of the locals that took part in the event.

Exhibition night.

It was great to see my work projected up on the wall, in front of many punters.  If anything, my only issue I had was that the project made my work stretched - but nonetheless it was still great to see (even if some renders looked squashed)

Yay.  100 days later and here it is...
There was a lot of pretty cool stuff to see.  Obviously some crazy amounts of work had gone into many of the pieces there, and some amazingly artistic individuals - from artists to grandma's

A character a day

Every letter of the alphabet represented a few times as knitted toys

I didn't quite make the full 100...

Half way through the project I got the worst flu I've had in years that knocked me back and had me bed-ridden for 2 weeks. A couple of weeks later my job also changed, getting more complicated and that actually meant even less time free to work on things.

This put a hole in the 100 days that started to grow.  Once the space becomes empty, its really hard to catch up.  Unfortunately life started to get in the way, but life can be unpredictable at the best of times.

That said, I did manage to squeeze in a couple of hours here and there.  It was nice (and actually relaxing) to be able to chill out and work on a few projects here and there.  Being a daily challenge still meant completing a project - and that still meant anywhere from 3-5 hours effort needed.

While I didn't quite make everything, it did motivate me enough to consider completing the whole 100 - though it does feel like I need a rest after all of that... lol!


On a personal note, I am impressed with what I did manage to deliver.  A majority of these were done from scratch (that is, everything (no recycling of models, etc for most of the images)) and I have to say it does go to prove that producing a project a day is not as daunting a task as some would think.

Some obviously were not as good as others - though I am happy overall with the majority of work.

I'm glad that I made the decision to do the challenge this year - it pushed me to produce a good collection of work, something I wouldn't have made time for otherwise.

When I get time, I'm hoping to cut the whole lot (of what was produced) into a short compilation for my youtube channel...  I'm also looking at producing a few video tutorials from it that I hope to post up there as well...

If you ever get the chance to take this challenge - whether it be for an organised event such as this was, or perhaps just as a personal challenge - take it.  Heck - build a showreel, create an art portfolio, use it to inspire you to learn a new technique-a-day to enhance your skills...  And make sure you share it - it gives you a reason to deliver if you have an audience watching...


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