Saturday, 12 September 2015

Python and BASIC games, mumble, mumble, mumble...

A few weeks back, I presented my project here to the New Zealand Auckland Python Users group meetup.

They web stream everything via Google hangouts, and as expected often the quality can suffer a little, however if anybodies interested in an hour of me mumbling my way through it, you can view it online here...

As with any presentation, things don't always come out exactly as you plan, but its a great group and interesting to see the local community that supports and uses this great language here in New Zealand.

But I wanna see what you did!

Fear not, I've put up all my source code I covered in this presentation - along with the slideshow I created - on my google drive.  You can download the files below...

Source code : This contains my 'almost finished' Pacman game I developed with Pygame.  There are also 9 games from the BASIC book converted, along with the ZXBasic module/class...

Presentation slideshow (PDF)

The creativity of the 80's

One of the reasons I did this project is that one thing the 1980's gave us was creative gaming.  These days, there are still many original game designs, but there's also many cloned ideas.  Until Arcades became more common-place, often the ideas created by the hundreds (maybe thousands) of kids were more often-than-not original and unique.

This is (for me) what makes looking back at this era a great resource to inspire game programming.
You can watch me play (badly) a small collection of great games I'd typed in on my old ZX Spectrum back in the 80's on Youtube -  the Playlist is below.  They're pretty cool, and apart from a couple, original concepts.

Now I've gotten this out of my system, I'm still more the enthusiastic to continue on with game development in Python.  Of course, there's plenty of things I need to do - a mix of Retro hardware and also my CG career, but I'll find time in the near future to come back to this...

If you've written your own games with Python, then please do post links or comments below.



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