Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Decided to do it... Again...

The 100 days project is back, in about 2 weeks time.  As I did in 2014 (given it didn't run in 2015) I've decided on yet another 80's themed challenge but this time leave it more open then a 3D image from an 80's 8-bit memory as was the case in 2014...

I've entitled it the "80's days challenge".  We'll see how it goes - and I'll post up anything I do that I think may be of interest here.

What's my plan?

I won't know until I decide what I feel like doing at the time.  I'm also making this a more open medium approach rather then lock myself down into a single artistic technique or style, so it could be anything from a simple scribbled drawing on a piece of paper, a 2D vector illustration, even developing cool 80's downloadable computer games.

If I'm honest, of course I'm bound to do a lot of 3D stuff in here - and definitely a good dose of 8-bit history (its what I am most passionate about from that era, as my blog probably shows! lol!)

Subjects, creative styles and mediums - its all about keeping to the theme.

Purity of the 80's

Some of my favorite things flowed in from the 70's - TV shows, comic books, etc.  I see this 100 day challenge as being more about those things that were popular in the 80's, not just coming into existence in the 80's.  It opens up a lot of opportunities to look back on those nostalgic moments throughout my 80's childhood.

Should be a blast (from the past)...

When it kick's in on August 24th, you can follow me here...


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