Thursday, 1 June 2017

100 days - 2017 edition

Foolishly, I figured I'd again take some time to do something creative for 100 days.  This time I've decided to keep it pretty much to one theme...  Caricatures and Comics... as its an area I've not spent a whole lot of time playing around in.

Where 100 days comes in useful is as a way to provide plenty of compulsory "practice" time.  When you have an audience (ie. the interweb) watching you, there's kinda this whole drive to not look lazy in front of the world. lol!

As I mentioned back in this post, drawing is a great way to chill out and relax your brain for a while.  I figured since squeezing in time to do something every day I'd not just pick something I would really like to improve on, but also something to end the day nicely with.

Will I do it?

I'm hoping to!  Last year things just puttered out...  Work got busy, I got frustrated trying to do umpteen things at the same time and well, just had to let something go when there's too much other stuff going on to deal with.

This time the aim is not just to do something, its to make use of the time to master something...  It gives me an additional incentive to help keep the drive going.  Plus I like doodling - especially in ball-point on piles of scrap paper.

That said, even so early in the challenge I found I do tend to miss one or two days, but I always make sure I catch up.  If you're interested in following (or looking at) what I'm doing, click here to take a peek.


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