Sunday, 1 October 2017

100 days - Exhibited, and over for 2017!

Yus!  100 Days is now officially over for 2017...

In one way, its a relief since I can now just continue with the norm's of life without that 'must do 100 days' thought lingering in the back of my mind.   In another way, its also sad that it was a good way to enforce drawing practice - however it has left me with a habit to just do it so its worked out.


The exhibition, like each year, showed some very cool and inspiring artwork.  Its also always nice to see people appreciating your own work, so was pretty chuffed to spot a few people taking pictures of my work with their cell phones.

Yus!  100 days has ended -  here's a selfie with my (super-imposed close up) selfie

Some pretty cool work being shown by a lot of people.  From impressive paper flower construction,  ceramic tiles, hand-made pom-pom's to kids taking photo's once a day of their cat!

Would I do it again?

Damn sure I'd give it another try!  Pretty sure there's some new skills I need to practice - roll on 2018!


Yes - right of the tail of 100 days is the official start of Inktober.  I'm considering doing it for more practice, but whether a total months worth I'm not sure.  Other than 100 days of ball-point I'm not familiar with ink at all, however I did make an attempted start - using a 20+ year old Japanese calligraphy pen - which has been in a box for the same amount of time. (ie. Never used it to actually paint/draw with...)

First ever 'brush pen' scrawl...

I liked the feel of the pen, but it'll definitely take time to get any good at using it.  But hey, having ordered two fresh new ones from Japan on eBay (free international shipping!) I can't say I won't get plenty of opportunity to practice!


Am I pleased I got a majority of the work done?  Yes - I'm happy with what I managed to produce, not that every single scribble I did I liked (sometimes it was just something I did to 'do something'), but it did get me away from the computer...


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