Sunday, 24 March 2013

About time I blogged...

I used to be very active on forums and post up work frequently, but having been full-time teaching for almost a decade (steady work, steady income - the way the bank loves you to be when you are paying for a house) really takes it out of you over the years.  When I was working in an animation studio, it was always fresh and exciting - no matter what job came through, there were always challenges that would pop up and keep the old brain cells ticking over.

But hey - Most industry jobs tend to be contracts, and not long terms ones at that.  With a mortgage, its a risky industry to try and keep yourself in financially.

Don't get me wrong.  I love teaching - however after a few years, the daily grind really eats away at you.  Same questions, same subjects, same problems, and a whole load of paperwork to deal with.  There's something missing when you're not challenged with ongoing projects constantly and seem to be able to fix problems without thinking because they're so common year after year that you can literally answer them in your sleep.

Then there's the "I can't discuss this subject because its way too confusing for new students who need to learn how to make a box" that limits what you can talk about, and that is hard when you really want to talk about some dynamics feature or surfacing concept you've been playing with.

BUT - this year we have a whole new 3rd year 3D diploma - and it has definitely given me back my spark.  I can finally talk shop with students who have been through the basic training.  Its definitely a case of feeling "un-chained" from the restraints of keeping to the basics...

While I'm still passionate about CG - over 20 years and still as excited about it as ever - I've found my whole online presence has dropped back a lot.  A blog is my way of crawling back up that hole and with a new fresh diploma and lots of great new challenges ahead,  I'm excited about 2013 - Its going to be a blogging good time.


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