Saturday, 4 May 2013

Generic Aliens with generic taste in clothing style...

I'm about to embark on teaching a new ZBrush class tomorrow.  As a part of my power-upskilling over the last week, this is my first attempt at sculpting something using this fantastic application.

Originally I'd started out planning to build one of my scribbled cartoon characters, but after sculpting in some facial detail, it just didn't feel right...  Next thing I know, I'm turning a toon into an extraterrestrial. ;-)  It was a lot of fun, and I picked up a tonne of workflow techniques along the way.

Obviously there are things that could be refined, smoothed, reshaped...  And a splash of color wouldn't go amiss at some later date.  That said, considering this is my numero-uno project using ZBrush, I'm sure it'll just grow and improve from here very quickly.


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