Monday, 6 May 2013

Sculpt me silly... or "how to make a really old model look less old"

While my brains running in ZBrush mode, I figured why not apply the same techniques I covered in class today to a character model.  The challenge tomorrow for my students will be to use the basic work flow and tools to take the low-poly model I built and give it some "oomph".  Afterall, the work flow is no different - subdivide, build form and mass, smooth and refine... Ad infinitum.

This is about an hour and a half in ZBrush.  I realise that its not anatomically accurate (more an eyeball of what I thought might be correct), but as a practice run its served a purpose in that it pointed out a few things that could be better with that base mesh (primarily finishing up the head so subdividing it gets the extra geo where it needs it).

The base mesh I built last year - mostly to try a few alternate approaches to modeling low-poly base geometry for game characters - based on wire frame screen shots I'd seen online.  It never hurts to look at new ways to structure your model topology and then build it yourself - its how you pick up those concepts and techniques that can be incorporated back into your personal work flow and grow you as an artist.

As I said in my first post to this blog, with the new Advanced 3D diploma giving me plenty of opportunities for further pushing myself both technically and creatively this year.  So far I'm feeling pretty happy with the way things have been rolling along...


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